Sending in unHuman and New Project

So, it's been a while since my last post.  Not much has happened.  Well I guess alot has happened.  I'm going to be relocating to Florida in a few months.  I'm hoping the change scenery can motivate my writing and even help with my filming. 

I finished unHuman last month, did about 10 rewrites.  Still needs to be polished again, but that's upto the director whoever that is.  Even though I was finished with unHuman I was still timid about sending it in to agents, because of the fact that I HATE writing loglines, those are the worst.  It's so strange, having to have the most perfect logline.  Really you can lie in your logline and make it sound interesting then that gets them to read it, but would they become filled with stupid rage when they realize the logline has nothing to do with the script?  Just a thought.

Well I sent in the screenplay to one person so far, still haven't heard back, not expecting to hear back, but you never know. 
I have a list of 20 agents that I'm going to send it to.  I'm also looking to focus on sending it to Entertainment Managers. 

Since unHuman is finished I have been busy, yes I am still working on Malcolm the Demon.  I have also been working on a few new projects which I can't say yet, but they are going to be good.  Okay, so one of the project I can say and that is a new series called THERE IS A MONSTER IN MY CLOSET.  It's as thriller/Horror web series.  The next project is a complete makeover of and 

Well, I'm going to head out.  Til next time.

unHuman DONE looking for an Agent or Manager

It's done, it's finally done.  Well it really didn't take long for me to complete it.  I'm happy with what the final product is.  In the process of of doing a second and third draft, I kept changing things.  When you reread you notice things because you have already read the story about 4-5 times.  You know everything that went on in the story.  You seen it play out in your head over and over and each time you get a better grasp of it.   Think of it as watching a thriller and watching it 3 times, after the first time you know where all the suspense is going to happen and what the mystery is.  After the 3rd time watching it you have an better idea of what to improve in it, you know what didn't make sense and what made sense. 
That's where I'm coming from.

So now that I am doing I am going to have to find some sort of representation.  I have to find it, I don't know where to sell it and even if I plan on filming it I dont have the budget to film it.  I could go guerrilla and film it without the traditional gaffers and etc..


Irritable and Just Angry

What I absolutely hate when I am writing is when you are just getting settled in writing something. You have a few sentences down and then all of a sudden someone goes and throws you off your game.  They go and make a loud commotion which then makes you lose everything.  You are no longer in that particular place that you were in.  Now you are in a $hitty mood and you can't get out of this mood.

Let me clarify, I'm writing the last few scenes of the screenplay for unHuman and boom someone comes and sets everything to hell.  I've been on a row, I've been typing away, producing pages like they were nothing the last few days.  This whole new year, 2014, has been amazing.  I absolutely love it.
  I am just trying to get done this screenplay which I have been writing since July or August.

Well so far the ideas and story of the screenplay has changed greatly.  When I first started the screenplay the story was going to be a strict scifi/fantasy.  We were hoping to selling it to scifi channel or filming it and then selling it.  Now since I am the sole writer I have changed everything.  Everything is deep, more action-packed, alot of suspense with very little elements of scifi. 
I've purposely excluded scifi mas amounts from the screenplay because the story is featured in a post-apocalyptic world.  The world is rebuilding, there is no special gadgets or cool devices. 

This screenplay has taken alot out of me, but I've made certain not to have it be anything like the time I wrote ALONE AT THE VERY END OF THE WORLD.  When I was writing that I was a total wreck, it would be hell for someone to be near me.  I was constantly in a depressing mood.  People hated being around me and I hated having people around me.  This screenplay has been different, I shut people off for days not months, but the process has been a long one.


unHuman 10 pages away from being complete

Exactly like the title says, unHuman is 10 pages away from being complete.  Yep, I'm almost done all thanks to this playlist that I created.

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

These songs had made finishing this screenplay easy.  I was took for months on the first 10 pages.  Then I created this playlist and now within 1 month I have finished 80 pages and am looking to make my final last 10 pages for 100 minutes run time.



Writing a Scene

For me every scene deserves a particular song, a particular style of song of music.  I need the emotion.  For instance for the ending of the screenplay I have decided to play some Bonnie Tyler while writing the ending.  The song HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO is one of the songs in the ending playlist.  It's a song that is perfect for an ending of a film where the hero is set out beyond all obstacles and rescues the day sacrificing the hero's self in the process.  I don't get that from every word in the song, but from the feel of the whole song itself. 

Right now I am writing the middle of the screenplay and that is usually a crucial point in adding obstacles infront of the hero.  I have been here for a while now, and I decided that the whole movie cannot be depressing even though I would love for it to be depressing.  Uplifting, dark, with a certain minutes of brightness.  The story is completely dark, it has very little sunshine, the characters are all flawed, they all have nothing left in their life.  If I had continued to write it without any slightest bit of happiness then all that whom had watched it would have been consumed in hate and anger and into a dark hole of depression. 

I remember when I was writing ALONE AT THE VERY END OF THE WORLD, I was different.  Everything about me was different, it was like I placed myself in the story when I wrote it and I felt everything that went on which is why the book is not widely loved.  I wrote it for me. 


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